Imperial City – Sarnia

Our mine is located in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and has been built within the gates of a large 500MW power plant, owned and operated by a publicly traded utility, at a site named the Blue Water Energy Park. It was originally the site of a Dow Chemicals plant, and boasts all the site security features of that of a world class chemical company.

First Crypto is one of the few mine operators Globally that have established its operations directly on the property of the power plant, which offers our Clients significant cost advantages.

Our mine is named the Imperial City Mine, after the city of Sarnia that once boasted the highest economic earnings per capita in all of Canada, home of some of the largest Petrochemical companies in the world, and home to Colleges and Universities and a population of +71,000.


Frist Crypto will provide our clients with a true low-cost solution with sustainable pricing that will not change with time. First Crypto focused to ensure that the following conditions exist at our large-scale mine:

LOW power cost

As a guaranteed buyer of the existing generated power, First Crypto benefits from a guaranteed low cost advantage. We in turn offer that low cost of power to our Clients.

ideal natural climate

First Crypto has engineered low-cost mobile data centres in refurbished and professionally engineered shipping containers that were designed to take advantage of the naturally cool outdoor climate.  We use high CFM fans and thermostats to control and monitor the temperature of our mines when required.  Your ASICs will operate optimally at ambient temperatures.

low corporate overhead

Other than the minimum requirements to keep our services levels high, we do not have a lot of staff, executives, or directors.  We are simply a facility manager of equipment, and a payment and collection group. Mining is not complicated and we keep it simple and affordable.


The First Crypto facility is equipped with three layers of security to protect our clients’ investments and hardware assets.

First Layer

Around the clock security access gate as the single point of entry, a mandatory sign-in and access card requirement for all employees, contractors and guests.

Second Layer

Secondary access gate requiring when entering the actual power plant substation, which is where First Crypto mines operate.

Third Layer

A third gated area will secure First Crypto’s mine from within the power plant, only accessible by First Crypto staff with access card and camera security monitoring.

who we are

We Are a Professional Mining Goup

Our core business is cryptocurrency mining. We have researched mining at our Ontario Mining Institute and took our learnings from research to develop our core large-scale commercial mine that we call the Imperial City Mine. Over time we have expanded and affiliated ourselves with other miners from the industry including large scale hosts, technical developers, exchanges, machine manufacturers, and more. We are a collective group of experienced mining professionals and enthusiasts looking to grow a work class site.

Our Blue Water Energy Park mine, called the Imperial City Mine is a large planned facility, with low cost power, ample existing installed power to allow expansion, at a safe location within the gates of a publicly traded power company. We have one of the best global contracts for cryptocurrency mining purposes as our power rate is fixed, and long-term in nature at a mature facility with an experienced operator.

where are we

Our facility is located in politically stable jurisdictions where power costs are strategically lower than global averages.